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ISO 9001:2008

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Celbar Skunk
NO Skunked Beer

The Solution for Skunked Beer

SKS PolyTech, LLC (SKS) was created as a subsidiary of International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) in order to spearhead research and development efforts. Today, ICC is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of cellulose spray-applied thermal insulation and acoustical finishes. Over the last 30 years, ICC has developed many different types of emulsion adhesives for applying insulation to nearly any surface substrate. It is based on that experience that SKS was established and began focus on a new field of technology involving glass coatings.

Beer SPF 2000 - Solution for Skunked BeerSkunk Protection Factor™ (SPF 2000™)

Skunk Protection Factor, SPF 2000™, is a high performance, organic glass coating that combines translucent aesthetics with extreme ultraviolet light control. The coating itself is a water-based emulsion with very low VOC and is thermo-cured. It requires a relatively low curing temperature not achieved by many other coatings. The end result is a clear coating that blocks nearly all UV light. This technology is highly versatile and has many potential applications available.

Skunked Beer

SPF 2000™ was designed to be applied to clear or green glass beer containers as a solution to avoid becoming what is known as skunked beer or light-struck beer. To date, amber glass has been the only method for protecting beer from UV exposure. Many brew masters have opted to package their beer in clear or green glass for branding and product differentiation purposes. These glass containers unfortunately offer little to no protection against UV light. In spite of the numerous skunked beer experiences shared by many consumers, these beers are still sold in the same containers.

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